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Blossom in Love.

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                                             - Mayan Prophecy - 

"When beings sit back in a circle to share cacao, the balance of time will naturally be restored."


Our cacao comes from the jungle of Guatemala , the seed its collected and transform in medicine by a collective of women. 

The spirit of love and prosperity its what this medicine carries to wherever it goes.

Prosperity of sharing the best you can toward all the brothers and the sisters , so we can restore the balance in our hearths , minds, spirits , and planet.

Honoring our sacred mother earth for all the gifts of being alive.

​The hummingbird's heart pumps blood at more than 1200 beats per minute.

Explore the Be.Spirit Vibe

Explore the Be.Spirit Vibe

Reproducir video


We open the sacred space to go on a trip to ourselves with cacao medicine.


Miraculous seed that opens the heart,  allowing an inner journey to explore our deepest feelings and the desires of our heart , by the hand of sacred music, the essences and the celebration of life, we can tune in to the frequency of our superior being.


Cacao is a very gentle medicine that comes to open new ways of expression, creativity and the present moment, increases energy levels and relaxes the nervous system.


How does sacred medicine open the heart?


This happens when you ingest cacao,  the body absorbs nutrients from the food of the gods.


Within them we find theobromine  which activates the energetic centers giving a magical and special touch in the center of the heart and the phenylethylamine that is better known as the love molecule, since this occurs naturally when we feel in love.

The brain, by concentrating high amount of phenylethylamine, responds with the release of  B-endorphin that feeds the secretion of neurotransmitters such as dopamine,


This is responsible for the sensations of pleasure and also influences the area of ​​physical and mental energy.


It also contains  Anandamide that has been identified by scientists as the molecule of bliss, creates a mental clarity and slight euphoria that illuminates the state of being In Sanskrit Ananda translates as bliss, blessing or extreme happiness and is one of the highest states of being.


Cacao is a gift from the gods and it is for this reason that by opening the center of the heart, we open ourselves to the gifts of life, pleasure and we begin to live in enjoyment and acceptance each of our processes and feelings.


Naturally, the processes begin to move forward, when we enter into a loving acceptance of who we are today, here and now.


Even if you don't understand now, one day you'll understand that everything was perfect and still is.


Love transforms everything and by opening our heart we celebrate the gift of being alive, experiencing each of our feelings with great contemplation, gratitude and acceptance.


Feeling is beautiful, we are alive !!


 Let yourself be carried away by this deeply healing experience, let love transform you, let your smile overflow that the present will make you fall in love.


Opening yourself to the gifts that the universe has for you.


Thanks to cacao spirit for reintegrating into our being the balance of life and the flow of unconditional love.





 Love is the most powerful medicine of all Blossom Cacao  wishes you a happy journey to yourself.




We want to share the magic medicine left by our ancestors. This medicine is wonderful and in this writing we will reveal all the secrets you need to create your own sacred potion.

Thanks for joining

We facilitate cacao training

so you can share cacao as well. 

We have live journeys  and online where you can learn everything about this sacred seed and start sharing love and joy with the ones around you.


we are one heart



get to know everything about cacao seed


scientific and energetic data

experience the transformation through

cacao medicine

open your heart

learn how to hold on sacred space


traditional and ceremonial roots 

embrace the spirit of the medicine

conect the essence of cacao

to your own medicine

explore and play

transform and share with your

family and comunitty


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