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Who are you?

I am a passionate backpacker that loves to connect with people as I believe that everyone has valuable things to share.


My open-mindedness fuels my love to explore innovative ways of pushing barriers.


This is vital for my personal development as well as supporting others to reach their full potential in life.


I am currently studying while travelling around the world. This enables me to work in multiple locations and in several positions to grow as well as to support the world where I can. 

Why do you want to Share Blossom Cacao?

I believe that the pure power and love that the cacao vents can uplift numerous people around the globe if consumed appropriately.


I see countless suffering from negativity and coldness amidst many more severe (mental) illnesses especially in my home country, Germany.


Therefore, I am making it my mission to uncover more about the cacao and to support Veronique on sharing the cacao around the world.


Ultimately I want to educate as well as reach all people around the world that are in need of it. 

How do I share the medicine with the people? 

I am continuing to work on the strategic side of the Blossom Cacao Project and to make it sustainable.


Ultimately, this contributes to spreading the love of the cacao and enables us to reach out to many more people in need for the cacao.


At the same time, I am experimenting with the power of the cacao and enlighting all people interested that I meet on my journeys. 


Where are you?
As I am constantly travelling my location oftentimes changes. However, my home base is in Germany and it is possible to reach me via the website at any time.

Who are you?

I am a human being born in the year 1982 in Caracas Venezuela, from a Swiss father and a Venezuelan mother, I feel like a bridge between cultures, I made my professional career in Switzerland as an electrical technician and which today allows me to understand and manage energy in the ceremonies, therapies, meditations, talks or events that I organize or participate in.


My magic is to laugh and make you laugh remembering that life is a conscious game.


Why do I like to share Blossom Cacao?


I like working with this cacao because I know its origin, the values ​​of the project,and it trully activate people's energy in a lovely  way.

Where are you?

I am a walker, I travel the world although my base is in Mexico


Who are you?

I like to travel, explore and discover new cultures. For the last 7 years I live between Switzerland and Mexico.


I share holistic and quantum healing techniques.


And I also work as a photographer and offer accompaniments to freelancers to reveal their unique magic in all their communication.


Why do I like to share Cocoa Blossom?


This cacao is of high quality. I like that it comes from Guatemala where I met this medicine and that it comes from people with hearts, you can feel it in its aroma and vibration.


How do I share cacao medicine with people?


Group ceremonies, many times with my friend Joyah who does a crystal clear sound bath.


Between guided meditation and sound trips a good harmony is made.


This year, we opened the Circle of the White Wolves with Sofia.


They are shamanic ceremonies with cocoa for women each time with a different theme.


Where are you?


My activities are mainly in Switzerland where my base is. My site:

Who are you?

I am a being that enjoys to play contemplate, dream, create and beautify life.


I learn from each place I go, from the people around me, the harmony of the plants and the dance of the elements.


 I always observe carefully to later share what I have lived,

I am interested in creating new conscious realities for individual people and collective.

I feel that creativity, love and joy are the best tools we have for this evolution

Why do I like to share Blossom Cacao?

I feel cacao medicine is very powerful to chanel internal growth its a tool that connects and open hearts, strengthens bonds of affection, drives the miracle of transformation and enlarges smiles,


Sharing unity in families, communities and sweetens life.


I share it because I appreciate the miracle of having found its essence and all the gifts that have filled me with flavor, fluidity and joy.


As well i love to support the woman circle form of indigena people that grows surrounded by the cacao tree energy,

 Where are you?

I am Nomada and I am currently in Mexico.

Who are you?

My name is Alejandra I’m a Mexican woman living in Switzerland, I am a Space Holder, I love life and the Magic of Nature.

Why do I like to share Blossom


For me Art is Medicine. Cacaosito has the Power of Creativity as it carries the Elements and the Spirit of the Colibri.


I share it with  Gratitude and Love

by honoring the seed, the care and the process that took for us to be able to Feel the Joy of Life, by the activation of the Heart.


Where are you?

Find me at 

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